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June 2024 Regents’ Meeting

Thursday, June 20, 2024, University Hall, Alexander G. Ruthven Building

Meeting Schedule

4 p.m.

Call to Order

  • President’s Opening Remarks
  • Budget Presentations
  • Regents’ Committee Report

    • Finance, Audit and Investment Committee
    • Health Affairs Committee
  • Chair Report

  • Regular Business Agenda


  1. Approval of May 16, 2024 Minutes


  1. Investment Report
  2. Plant Extension Report
  3. University Human Resources Report
  4. Litigation Report (no documents)
  5. Research Report
  6. University of Michigan Health System Report (no documents)
  7. Student Life Report (no documents)
  8. Dearborn Campus Report (no documents)
  9. Flint Campus Report (no documents)
  10. Faculty Governance Report
  11. Student Government Reports


  1. Report on Voluntary Support, May 31, 2024


  1. June 2024 Personnel Actions
  2. Committee Appointments
  3. Supplemental June 2024 Personnel Actions


  1. Reports of Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO) Activity
  2. Reports of regular instructional transactions


  1. Adoption of retirement memoirs for Stephen D. Bernstein, Ph.D., professor of English, University of Michigan-Flint; James M. Borders, Ph.D., professor of music; Rodica Busui (Pop-Busui), M.D., Ph.D., Larry D. Soderquist Professor and professor of internal medicine; Clifford L. Craig, M.D., clinical associate professor of orthopaedic surgery; Thomas J. Downar, Ph.D.,professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences; Richard Hall, Ph.D., professor of political and the Arts and professor of public policy; Roy S. Hanashiro, Ph.D., professor of history, UM-Flint; Wallace (Wally) Hopp, Ph.D., C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor of Business and Engineering, professor of technology and operations, and professor of industrial and operations engineering; Gregory T. Kinney, M.I.L.S, M.A., archivist; Steven Mark Leber, M.D., Ph.D., clinical professor of pediatrics and clinical professor of neurology; Benjamin L. Margolis, M.D., professor of internal medicine; Lisa J. Molnar, Ph.D., research associate professor; David C. Musch, Ph.D., M.P.H., professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences and professor of epidemiology; Thomas P. O’Connor, M.D., clinical associate professor of internal medicine; Diane M. Robins, Ph.D., professor of human genetics; Eric P. Skye, M.D., clinical professor of family medicine and clinical professor of learning health sciences; Katherine R. Spindler, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and immunology; Joel A. Swanson, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and immunology; Stephanie D. Teasley, Ph.D., research professor, information; Marjorie Treadwell, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology; Michael D. Uhler, Ph.D., professor of biological chemistry and research professor, Michigan Neuroscience Institute; and Beverly M. Yashar, M.S., Ph.D., CGC, clinical professor of human genetics.


  1. No deaths of active faculty members were reported to the regents this month.


  1. Approval of degree lists and changes to previously approved lists.


  1. Absolute Return and Alternative Assets Commitments
  2. Public Equity
  3. Public Equity
  4. Vacant land, 2225 Main Street SW and 2221 Health Drive SW Wyoming, Michigan
  5. Ypsilanti Health Center Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program 300 West Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  6. Kent Health Care Physician Organization (KHCPO) legal assessment and recommendations
  7. University of Michigan Health
    Oakland County Ambulatory Care Expansion

  8. Authorization for the University to enter into an agreement with Ann
    Arbor Symphony Orchestra

  9. Authorization for the University to transact with Bopp & Co. Projects

  10. Authorization for the University to enter into an agreement with Michigan
    Life Sciences Engineering and Advising and Development Consulting

  11. Authorization for the University of Michigan to Enter into License Agreements with Innovation Partnerships Startup Incubator Firms Located at the North Campus Research Complex
  12. Project Agreements with the University of Michigan


  1. Michigan Health Corporation (MHC) Business Plan
  2. Approval of Academic Calendar for 2025-2026 for the University of Michigan-Flint
  3. Revenue and Expenditure Operating Budgets for FY 2024-2025 - Supplemental Agenda Item

*The agenda and the items linked from this page are an unofficial version of this month’s Regents’ Meeting Agenda. The official and authoritative version of the agenda is kept on file in the Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University.