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May 2022 Regents’ Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 2022, Fairlane Center South, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Meeting Schedule

4 p.m.

Call to Order

  • President’s Opening Remarks
  • UM-Dearborn Presentation
  • Regular Business Agenda


  1. Approval of March 24, 2022 Minutes


  1. Investment Report
  2. Plant Extension Report
  3. University Human Resources Report
  4. Litigation Report
  5. Regents Report on Non-Competitive Purchases equal to or over $10,000 from Single Sources, December 16, 2021 through March 15, 2022
  6. Research Report
  7. University of Michigan Health System Report (no documents)
  8. Student Life Report (no documents)
  9. Dearborn Campus Report (no documents)
  10. Flint Campus Report (no documents)
  11. Faculty Governance Report
  12. Student Government Reports


  1. Report on Voluntary Support, March 31, 2022
  2. Report on Voluntary Support, April 30, 2022


  1. May 2022 Personnel Actions
  2. Promotions to the Ranks of Professor and Associate Professor, 2022-2023
  3. Supplemental May 2022 Personnel Actions


  1. Reports of Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO) Activity
  2. Reports of regular instructional transactions


  1. Adoption of retirement memoirs for Christine A. Anderson, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of nursing; Suzanne F. Bradley, M.D., professor of internal medicine; Geoff Eley, D. Phil., Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History and professor of history; Walter T. Everett, Ph.D., professor of music; Robert L. Fishman, Ph.D., professor of architecture and urban and regional planning; Lennard A. Fisk, Ph.D., Thomas M. Donahue Distinguished University Professor of Space Science and professor of climate and space sciences and engineering; Alfred Franzblau, M.D., professor of occupational medicine, associate professor of internal medicine, and associate research scientist; Bruce W. Frier, Ph.D., John and Teresa D’Arms Distinguished University Professor of Classics and Roman Law, professor of classical studies, and professor of law; Lee W. Hartmann, Ph.D., Leo Goldberg Collegiate Professor of Astronomy and professor of astronomy; Kim F. Hayes, Ph.D., Arthur J. Decker Collegiate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and professor of civil and environmental engineering; Donald R. Kinder, Ph.D., Philip E. Converse Distinguished University Professor of Political Science, professor of political science, and professor of psychology, and research professor; John E. Laird, Ph.D., John L. Tishman Professor of Engineering and professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Steven F. Myers, Ph.D., professor of biology, UM-Flint; Laura J. Olsen, Ph.D., Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; Terese M. Olson, Ph.D., associate professor of civil and environmental engineering; Gale A. Oren, M.I.L.S., associate librarian; Brian B. Schmidt, D.Phil., professor of Hebrew Bible; William Wendell Schultz, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering; Antón Shammás, B.A., professor of Middle East literature, Department of Comparative Literature, and professor of Middle East literature, Department of Middle East Studies; Ronald Grigor Suny, Ph.D., William H. Sewell, Jr Distinguished University Professor of History, professor of history, and professor of political science; Karla Taylor Ph.D., associate professor of English language and literature; Steven A. Telian, M.D., John L. Kemink, M.D. Professor of Neurotology and professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery; and Henry Wellman, Ph.D., Harold W. Stevenson Collegiate Professor of Psychology and professor of psychology


  1. Adoption of memorial statement for David J. Alvarez, D.O., clinical assistant professor of family medicine and clinical assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery.


  1. There are no actions with respect to degrees this month.


  1. Absolute Return and Alternative Asset Commitments
  2. Appointment of Auditors
  3. University of Michigan Health Brighton Center for Specialty Care Linear Accelerator Expansion
  4. Authorization for the University to transact with Consortium for Global Health
    Delivery Systems, Inc.

  5. Authorization for the University to transact with Creative Connections s.r.o.
  6. Authorization for the University to transact with Detroit Design and Technology

  7. Authorization for the University to transact with Health Patroller, LLC, dba Eebu

  8. Authorization for the University to enter into an agreement with MU Consulting,

  9. Authorization for the University to transact with North American Society for
    Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology

  10. Authorization for the University to enter into a contract with Eidgenössische
    Technische Hochschule Zürich dba ETH Zürich

  11. Authorization for the University of Michigan to Enter into a License Agreement with an Innovation Partnerships Startup Incubator Firm Located at the North Campus Research Complex
  12. Authorization to enter into or amend Agreements
  13. Approval of Commercialization Agreements
  14. Amendment to Master Agreement between the University of Michigan and Arbor Research Collaborative for Health
  15. President’s Residence Infrastructure Renovation - Supplemental Agenda Item
  16. Palmer Field Temporary Recreation Facility - Supplemental Agenda Item


  1. Approval of UM-Dearborn Bylaws Revisions
  2. Approval of Ann Arbor Academic Calendar for 2024-2025
  3. Outdoor Space Naming - W.E. Upjohn Peony Garden
  4. Building Name Change - Homer A. Neal Laboratory
  5. Naming of Robben and Aldyth Fleming Reception Room Alexander G. Ruthven Building
  6. Revisions to the Public Comments Policy

*The agenda and the items linked from this page are an unofficial version of this month’s Regents’ Meeting Agenda. The official and authoritative version of the agenda is kept on file in the Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University.

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