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January 2010 Regents’ Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - Regents’ Room

Meeting Schedule

3:00 p.m.

Call to Order

  • President’s Opening Remarks
  • Annual Report on Research
  • Regents’ Committee Reports (no reports; committees do not meet in January)
  • Regular Business Agenda

Consent Agenda (Roman Numeral Sections I-VIII)


  1. Approval of Minutes of December 17, 2009 Meeting


  1. Investment Report
  2. Plant Extension Report
  3. University Human Resources Report
  4. Regents Report on Non-competitive Purchases over $5,000 from Single Sources, September 16, 2009 - December 15, 2009
  5. Litigation Report
  6. Research Report

  1. Other Reports (no documents)

  • University of Michigan Health System
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Dearborn Campus
  • Flint Campus

  1. Faculty Governance Update
  2. Michigan Student Assembly Report


  1. Report on Voluntary Support, December 31, 2009

IV. PERSONNEL ACTIONS (Summary Listing of Personnel Actions)

(Summary and Individual Regents Communications for items 1-6) (Use “Bookmark” feature when viewing PDF document)

  1. Recommendations for approval of new appointments and promotions for regular associate and full professor ranks, with tenure.
  2. Recommendations for approval of reappointments of regular instructional staff and selected administrative staff.
  3. Recommendations for approval of joint or additional appointments or transfers of regular associate or full professors and selected academic administrative staff.
  4. Establishing and renaming professorships and selected academic administrative positions.
  5. Recommendations for approval of other personnel transactions for regular instructional staff and selected academic administrative staff.
    University of Michigan-Flint
  6. Recommendations for approval of joint or additional appointments or transfers of regular associate or full professors and selected academic administrative staff.
    Committee Appointments
  7. Ann Arbor Campus


  1. Reports of Lecturers Employee Organization (LEO) Activity
  2. Reports of regular instructional transactions


  1. Adoption of retirement memoirs for William D. Ensminger, M.D., Ph.D., professor of internal medicine and professor of pharmacology, and Andrew F. Nagy, Ph.D., professor of atmospheric and oceanic science and professor of electrical engineering and computer scienc.


  1. Adoption of memorial statement for Katherine Terrell, Ph.D., professor of business economics, corporate strategy and international business economics, and professor of public policy. (see also Supplemental Agenda Item)


There are no actions with respect to degrees this month.

Regular Agenda(Roman Numeral Sections IX-X)


  1. Fiscal Year 2011 Capital Outlay Submission, All Campuses
  2. Naming of the Michigan Wrestling Center in Honor of Ralph and Dorothy Bahna
  3. Fuller Road Station
  4. Crisler Arena Renovation
  5. Player Development Center for Intercollegiate Basketball
  6. Lease amendment agreement with 330 East Liberty LLC
  7. Lease amendment agreement with 2401 LLC
  8. Lease agreement with 520 East Liberty LLC
  9. Lease amendment agreement with First Properties
  10. Lease amendment agreement with 555 South Forest LLC
  11. Authorization for payment to David S. Rosen Photographs
  12. Non-disclosure agreement between the University of Michigan and Tissue Regenerative Systems, Inc.


There are no documents in this section.

Supplemental Agenda Item

  1. Adoption of memorial statement for Robben Wright Fleming, President Emeritus.


*The agenda and the items linked from this page are an unofficial version of this month’s Regents’ Meeting Agenda. The official and authoritative version of the agenda is kept on file in the Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University.

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