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December 2006 Regents’ Meeting

Friday, December 15, 2006 - Regents’ Room

Meeting Schedule

9:00 a.m.

Call to Order

  • President’s Opening Remarks
  • Michigan Difference Campaign Update
  • Residential Life Initiative Update
  • Regents’ Committee Reports
    • Finance, Audit and Investment Committee
    • Personnel, Compensation and Governance Committee
  • Regular Business Agenda

Regular Business Agenda


  1. Approval of Minutes of November 17, 2006 Meeting


  1. Investment Report
  2. Plant Extension Report
  3. Human Resources and Affirmative Action Report
  4. Litigation Report
  5. Research Report

  1. Other Reports (no documents)

  • University of Michigan Health System
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Flint Campus
  • Dearborn Campus

  1. Faculty Governance Update
  2. Michigan Student Assembly Report (no document)


  1. Report on Voluntary Support, November 30, 2006

IV. PERSONNEL ACTIONS (Click here for PDF of items 1-6)

  1. Recommendations for approval of new appointments and promotions for regular associate and full professor ranks, with tenure.
  2. Recommendations for approval of joint appointments or transfers of regular associate or full professors and selected administrative staff .
  3. Establishing and renaming professorships and selected academic administrative positions.
  4. Recommendations for approval of other personnel transactions for regular instructional staff and selected academic administrative staff.

    Flint Campus

  5. Recommendations for approval of other personnel transactions for regular instructional staff and selected administrative staff

  6. Recommendations for approval of other personnel transactions for regular instructional staff and selected academic administrative staff.

    Committee Appointments

  7. Ann Arbor Campus


  1. Reports of Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO) activity
  2. Reports of regular instructional transactions


  1. Adoption of retirement memoirs for:
    R. Ward Bissell , Ph.D. , professor of history of art; George J. Bornstein, Ph.D ., professor of English language and literature; Don B. Chaffin, Ph.D., Richard G. Snyder Distinguished University Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, G. Lawton and Louise G. Johnson Professor of Engineering, professor of industrial and operations engineering, professor of biomedical engineering, and professor of occupational health; John B. Gobbetti, D.D.S., professor of dentistry; Peter E. Hook, Ph.D., professor of Indo-Aryan languages and professor of linguistics; Dorothy Riemenschneider, B.A., A.M.L.S., senior associate librarian; Bruce H. Wilkinson, Ph.D., professor of geogoly and mineralogy and research scientist; Christopher B. Winkler, M.S., research scientist; SeonAe Yeo, Ph.D., associate professor of nursing.


  1. No deaths of active faculty members were reported to the Regents this month.


  1. There are no actions with respect to degrees this month.


  1. Fiscal Year 2008 Capital Outlay Submission for All Campuses
  2. University Real Estate Policy Annual Report on Leases Exceeding 50,000 square feet
  3. Alternative Asset Commitments
  4. Alternative Asset Commitment
  5. Alternative Asset Commitment
  6. Alternative Asset Managers
  7. Hatcher South Graduate Library Air Handling Improvements
  8. Medical Science Unit I Third Floor Research Laboratory Renovations
  9. [](/files/meetings/12-06/10-06-IX-8.pdf)North Quad Residential and Academic Complex
  10. University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers University Hospital Radiation Oncology Computed Tomography Simulator Replacement[](/files/meetings/12-06/10-06-IX-9.pdf)
  11. UM-Dearborn Henry Ford Estate-Fair Lane HVAC System Upgrade
  12. Approval of Payment for Soar Technology, Inc.
  13. Option Agreement between the University of Michigan and Innovational Therapeutics, Inc.
  14. License Agreement between the Universty of Michigan and ImBio, LLC
  15. Patent Option Agreement between the University of Michigan and Biotectix, LLC
  16. Subcontract Agreement between the University of Michigan and Vortex Hydro Engergy, LLC


  1. Technology Transfer Policy
  2. [](/files/meetings/12-06/09-06-X-5.pdf)UM-Flint Academic Calendar for 2006-2007[](/files/meetings/12-06/11-06-X-4.pdf)

*The agenda and the items linked from this page are an unofficial version of this month’s Regents’ Meeting Agenda. The official and authoritative version of the agenda is kept on file in the Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University.

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