Board of Regents of the University of Michigan

University Seal, Trademarks and Copyright Permission

University of Michigan Seal

The University of Michigan Seal is a trademark of the University, and its use is primarily limited to presidential and regental applications.

General Questions Regarding the Use of the Block M and Other University of Michigan Registered Trademarks

Send your inquiry to The answers to many questions can also be found on the University's Identity Guidelines website.

University units should use the U-M “wordmark” on letterhead stationery, business cards, and websites.

Use of the University of Michigan Name, Marks, Seal, and Images in Political Campaigns or by Political Organizations

The University of Michigan has a policy that explicitly prohibits the use of any University of Michigan trademark or image in political campaigns or by political organizations. To download the policy, click here: trademark policy.

Permission for Use of Material Copyrighted by the Regents of the University of Michigan

To request permission to use copyrighted materials (documents, websites, video productions, etc.), please send an email to To expedite your request, please include as many details about the copyrighted work as possible, including title, author, date of publication, links to websites, etc. Further information can be found on the University of Michigan Library website.

Michigan Marching Band Recordings

For requests related to use of Michigan Marching Band recordings or "The Victors," please send an email to